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Customer Experience | Brand Awareness

| CXM Solution

Fakhroo IT services have partnered with one of the best CX platform to help companies and brands get more strong customer base and better understand their customer's needs.

Survey2Connect is Customer Experience Optimization Platform that can help to Increase your brand's consumer loyalty by discovering and addressing any gaps in your client experience. Through our partnered CXM solution you are able to utilize all available channels to reach out to your consumers, Capture their thoughts and feelings about the brand and Create real-time reports to help you make better decisions.
You can create deeper and more rewarding relationships with your customers using a wide range of customer experience products available within this CXM solution (digital research | brand experience | simplified surveys). Make them feel heard, and come up with solutions that they want to use.

Survey2Connect Provides your with numerous features and tools to connect with your customers and get their feedback

  • Collect Feedback From S2C’s Branded Customizable Surveys.

  • Provide Customers Seamless Experience With Omnichannel Collection Suite.

  • Real Time Insights With Intuitive Dashboards.

  • Draw Insights From Texts Using Sentiment Analysis.

  • Track, Prioritize, And Solve Customer Support Tickets All In One Place.

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Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Investigate the market's possibilities and establish a relationship with your consumer. Take your consumers' enjoyment to the next level by listening to and understanding them.


Simplified Survey

Make Customized Branded Surveys
With customised, easy-to-create Surveys, you can take your Experience Management to a whole new level.


Brand Experience

Make a Statement with Your Brand
Analyze your data to figure out what your brand's next step should be.
For Maximum Impact, Dig Deeper Into Your Brand.


Digital Research

With digital research solutions, you may get deep market insights.
Manage all of your research requirements and create a unified vision.

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