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Digital Transformation Journey With AI-based Chatbots

| AI Chatbot Solution

Start your digital transformation journey with AI-based chatbots to deliver automated and personalized experience

FITS in conjunction with Ameyo offers an AI-based chatbot to help businesses reduce their costs.
Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) help agents connect with customers in real time across websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, and business messaging platforms.
Improve the lead generation process and the customer experience across all channels.
Provides Conversation that sounds like it's coming from a human in multiple languages.

AI Chatbot's Key Features include:

Omnichannel ability to transfer to other channels if necessary, lowering costs and providing a consistent customer experience.

The NLP engine  capable of comprehending the context of client interactions. It creates a knowledge foundation from organized and unstructured data using deep learning models.

There are extensive audit logs of every user activities on the chatbot. These audit logs may be used to avoid suspicious activities, as well as to ensure compliance, training, and monitoring.

Available in over 100 languages. It considers the languages in which your consumers communicate and responds in their native tongue.


AI Voice Bot

Reduce operating costs with an AI-powered Voice Bot
Conversations that are human-like, in English, and many other languages. APIs allow for deeper CRM integrations.
During the whole chat, there was no interruption.
With no fixed costs, you may scale up or down on demand.


AI Chatbot

Human-like Conversation in Multiple Languages AI Chatbot to Reduce Operational Costs and Improve Lead Generation Omnichannel Customer Experience

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