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A New Paradigm of Digital Transformation - ERP

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Project Name: A New Paradigm of Digital Transformation - ERP

Client Name: Al Bustani Group W.L.L

Solution: Cloud Migration                                                                             


Client overview:

Al Bustani Group is a food trading company based in Bahrain. Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables and over the last three decades have built close relationships with international suppliers.

Al Bustani Group provides services to a wide variety of wholesale and retail clients. It is also growing its retail market distribution by supplying products directly to stores and/or opening new stores around the Kingdom.


Business Need:

AL Bustani Group who was using ERP on-prim solution for more than 5 years, sought to address the issues that arose when they attempted to access the data from a location other than their office network. It was challenging to access the data from outside the workplace network because of the restriction for utilizing an on-prim solution.

Along with access restrictions, this entire situation was delaying processing and slowing down the decision-making process.

Al Bustani needs a solution that was not only technologically advanced but also got rid of the constraints they had.



To address Al Bustani’s need, Fakhroo Information Technology implemented a cloud migration solution. This solution had the flexibility and robustness that Bustani was looking for and helped them Adapt new technologies, Increase Customer satisfaction, Drive Data based insights, increase agility, and Reduce IT hardware cost.

The implemented solution was able to transfer their current on-prime ERP solution to a Cloud-based format, including their financials, inventory, and other business Operations modules.


Al Bustani established sophisticated workflow procedures for a variety of business activities and processes involving internal and external companies. It now has a solution that will allow it to align with its corporate mission and objectives. With time, this highly scalable system will be capable to meet their expanding company demands.

FITS delivered the solution on time and on budget. New business lines were easily integrated thanks to the integration of many systems. The following were some of the solution's main advantages:

·         Enhanced ERP Performance to Match the Current Business Sector

·         Analytics in real time

·         Accessibility Flexibility

·         Simple Scalability for Every Growth Stage

·         Increase in productivity

·         Flexibility in inter-company procedures.




Sawsan Abulhassan, Executive Director of Al Bustani Group stated:

"We appreciate the FITS Team's tremendous work. Using this cloud-integrated technology, we will enhance our company's operations and respond to change rapidly. A solution that will enable Al Bustani to adopt a more effective strategy, benefit from enormous computer capacity, pay less upfront, deploy the solution more quickly, and use fewer employees and physical resources.”








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Foundational Security A secure infrastructure with data and application security from the edge to the cloud.

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Foundational Security A secure infrastructure with data and application security from the edge to the cloud.

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